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About me – Troy Story Travel

Who am I?

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Troy Whitmarsh, from Adelaide, South Australia. I am 26 years old and I have been travelling non-stop since January 2013. Originally I planned to travel for 2 years but now I can’t imagine going back to Australia any time soon. Everyday I think about when enough will be enough but no matter how much I think about it, I can’t seem to find an answer. I figure one day I will just wake up and feel like it’s time to go home.

I finished high school and went straight into full time work selling irrigation products in a busy branch. It was a great job which I thoroughly enjoyed and I ended up managing the store. A great career for me really. It paid well and I was always learning new things. What more could you ask for?

Hard at work at my old job in my old life.
Hard at work at my old job in my old life.

Well apparently quite a lot, because as much as I was learning, it wasn’t enough. There are only so many new things you can encounter working in the same place every day. After almost 8 years working in this job I quit and started travelling. It wasn’t a spur of the moment decision. I gave work 18 months notice that I would be leaving. I told everyone. When I decided I wanted to travel full time I was certain I wouldn’t be backing out, and I didn’t.

When I was younger I wanted to be an explorer. To discover new lands, to go where nobody has ever gone before. I think what I am doing now is as close as you can get to that. Every day is an adventure, every new place presents itself with exciting new prospects and ideas. I am always learning.

On top of the world!
On top of the world on the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal.

Another big factor in my decision to leave was how great my short term travels in the past had been at helping me to develop my social skills. I used to be very shy and introverted in high school, but now, thanks to travel, those days are long behind me. I find it a lot easier to connect with all different types of people and I have travel to thank for that. These skills are invaluable in all aspects of life and I continue working on them every day.

Adventure caving in Mexico!
Adventure caving in Calcehtok, Mexico.

Why would anyone want to follow my blog?

This blog is for anyone who, like me, wants adventure in their life. What I mean by this, is that deep down inside you have a thirst for knowledge and you want to learn as much about the world as you can. You want to learn about people, cultures, places… basically anything different from the world as you know it back at home. Not because you have anything against home, you just want to know all the options that are available to you.

How can you decide which lifestyle is right for you if you haven’t experienced, seen or even know about every lifestyle which is available? The more I travel, the more ideas I get about what I want and about what is right for me. Is that selfish? I don’t really know the answer to that question. I do know that you can only travel for yourself, never for someone else. I do know that travel has helped me to gain a greater appreciation for those who I love the most.

Playing cricket with some kids who live in a slum in Mumbai, India.
Playing cricket with some kids who in Dharavi slum in Mumbai, India.

What does this website contain?

Well so far this website has four main themes:

1. Travel Advice: These are articles which I have written with advice for people about travel. Usually when I write them I am aiming to help people travel solo and to meet new people and to be social. I don’t see much point in writing about topics which are covered extensively on other travel sites so I write things which I think are a little bit unique, for example which hostels to stay in when travelling in India.

2. Travel Stories: I love telling stories. If you every spend some time with me you will come to learn that. My motto for life is that “every bad decision leads to a good story”. This means that even if you make a bad choice, quite often you may not get the outcome you wanted but you will still have learnt something and you will have a good story to tell afterwards. I also use this line of thinking to help justify doing things that I probably shouldn’t, like going into that seedy looking nightclub or trying to climb up that waterfall!

3. Interviews with everyday travellers: This section contains interviews with travellers I meet on the road. I am really, really passionate about convincing people to try travelling independently and I find that one of the major hurdles is that people just don’t think they can do it. They are afraid. I decided to start interviewing some of the regular, normal people I meet who travel as a way of helping you guys back home relate to people on the road. These people will not be travel bloggers or anyone with an ulterior motive. They are people just like you who have taken that first step and never looked back.

4. Photography: I am years away from becoming anything like a professional photographer but the more I think about it the more I like the idea. For now I am learning as much as possible and experimenting by taking as many photos as I can and posting them up here for you to enjoy! All photographs on this site are originals and were taken by myself or (in the case of photos with me in them) by someone I am travelling with.

Partying at Sziget Festival in Budapest with some crazy French people.
Partying at Sziget Festival in Budapest with some crazy French people.

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